20 Oct 2015
A printer can work through PDF files. If you are sure about everything, and do not require any changes to the matter, color or aesthetics, there is no issue in providing the PDF files to get the material printed. They are convenient for both you and the printer. But, providing working files to the printer [Continue Reading]
13 Oct 2015
Last week, at Spotprint we mentioned a couple of binding methods in our weekly blog. Today we would be describing those as well as telling you about some others as well. Binding methods depend on your choice and the intended life of the message. Some binding options are discussed below [Continue Reading]
13 Oct 2015
It is necessary to choose the right paper for your print production. A good design can be ruined by choosing an inappropriate papers. The paper you choose plays an important in capturing the reader’s attention. There are a number of considerations for choosing the appropriate paper. [Continue Reading]
20 Sep 2015
Print industry is evolving day after day. Every innovation moves the industry to newer heights. Beautiful, colored, glossy and creative printed material is possible in less time due to the advancements in the industry. [Continue Reading]

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