If you’re looking to enhance your company’s professionalism and overall image, maybe you should consider getting in touch with an online printing company. Online printing companies cover a wide range of services which can boost your brand awareness and push your values, including leaflet printing, flyer printing, and much more.

Most companies have considered leaflet printing and flyer printing as a promotional tool at some point, but have you considered envelope printing? There are many benefits to envelope printing that your company can take advantage of – here we go over a few.

1. Enhance your brand awareness

If you work with an online printing company that can provide you with a striking printed envelope, you will be able to stand out among the pile of mail in your audience’s hallways. You can also enhance your brand image and awareness from your customers’ homes – your brand’s logo, colour scheme, and message will be plain to see from the get-go.

2. Tailored to different recipients

Just as companies should define their target audience before getting leaflet printing or flyer printing done, they should also define who they are reaching with their custom envelope printing. If you work with a reputable online printing company, you will be able to print various different company envelopes which reflect your relationship with the recipient. For instance, you might entice leads with a differently printed envelope that you would use for your existing customers.

3. A sense of professionalism

Even though it may seem like an unnecessary expense to some business owners, personalised printed envelopes give your business that aura of professionalism that it needs in order to attract new clients. A plain white envelope is dull, boring, and makes it look like you haven’t tried. On the other hand, a well-printed envelope gives the impression that you have your branding and marketing under control.

4. Escape the digital clutter

People have got used to being inundated with spam ads and spam emails for a wide range of companies – many have set up spam filters or even abandoned their email accounts for good. However, envelope printing allows you to post well-designed marketing material to their house, a place where they only receive 2-3 marketing letters a week on average. This makes it much more likely that they will notice your brand.

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