Business Flyers Are Not Dead

Business flyers, far from being obsolete, offer an effective way to deliver features and benefits of almost any product.  Their versatility, economy of scale, and ease of design make them an appealing option for small start-ups and international giants alike. It is important to scale expectation of your return on investment with such criteria as product or service seasonality, peak and low purchase periods and the size of the demographic that is targeted.

As with most advertising methods, business flyers should be but one of several strategies promoting your business product or service.  While electronic media is a leading advertising component, first on the tongue of many, business flyers afford a great opportunity to deliver a message to a large, widespread audience as well.

Proper construction of a business flyer will optimize success ratios.  The single most important part of the flyer is the headline.  The headline provides a place to deliver a succinct message that will effectively entice your target audience to read on.  This is where bringing out advantageous points of differentiation with your competition is most valuable. Effective delivery of your unique selling proposition provides reason for recipients to look for more in-depth information. 

The body of the business flyer affords the opportunity to develop a strong call to action; feel free to direct your audience to do something very specific, offer a price break or provide additional options to help develop a buyer/seller relationship.

Business flyers are more economical and offer a bigger bang for the buck than virtually all other advertising methods. The information in a business flyer can be tailored to influence consumer purchasing choices very effectively. They are an option that can go from concept to distribution within a very short period and require no professional design work.   Distribution methods can also be varied depending on specific products or services being offered.  Door to door delivery in residential, industrial, or commercial areas is one option. Trade show distribution, whether by hand or as part of a sponsorship package, can likewise deliver a forceful, strong message. Postal distribution to a mixed demographic can also yield a high result.

With a mix of a little originality, a lot of creativity and a product that answers the needs of a target market, you can bet that not only are business flyers not dead, but are a thriving and viable marketing option.