The benefits of frequent promotional flyers


Digital marketing, including strategies like social media, websites and email campaigns, has become the norm in today’s world. What's important to keep in mind is that traditional marketing strategies that include direct mail (flyers, postcards, etc.) are still a highly effective form of advertising. As a matter of fact, the response rate is said to be higher from direct mail than it is from email. Why? Because we all receive an excessive amount of email every day, increasing the likelihood of the recipient simply deleting emails without opening them. On the other hand, something received in a tangible form, like a flyer, is seen as more credible by most of consumers who receive it. Flyers are designed to be eye catching and most people can't avoid paying attention to them, at least giving them a cursory look. Another aspect that gives flyers more bang for the buck is that they're likely to be seen by, not just the intended recipient, but others.

*Flyer Design Consideration

Be sure to add your digital information to any direct mail marketing you send out. Your flyers, postcards, etc., should also link to your website, email address, etc., so that the people who receive it can easily visit your online marketing destinations. This is important because consumers and businesses today spend a lot of time online.

*Frequent Flyer Marketing is Cost Effective

Another advantage of frequent flyer marketing is that it's cost effective. We all know that the more often you send out flyers, the better the chances are of producing new leads and clients.  Fortunately, flyers don’t require a small fortune to be printed - not if you use an online printing company. You'll save so much money going this route that you can step up to two sided flyers which you can count on being more expensive at your local printing company.

Bottom line, using an online printing company provides businesses a cost-effective option, perfect for those that want to avoid costly brick and mortar print shop prices.



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