Best tips for printing business cards.

Business cards are a particularly vital tool to enhance the brand identity of many businesses. With a proper set of business cards, you can get your name out there, and improve the visibility of your business. Another essential purpose of a business card is to give out your contact information and other details to potential customers or collaborators.

If you don’t want to miss out on some excellent branding and networking opportunities, keep reading to learn more about the best tips for printing business cards!

  • Don’t overcrowd it!

Business cards that have too much information are hard to read and often messy. When it comes to business card design, “less is more.” Only add the most relevant contact details, and keep it simple and effective

  • Be “in tune” with your industry and audience.

Your business card should be a great reflection of your brand identity. To give you an example, a funeral parlor wouldn’t create business cards with kitties and rainbows, while an ice-cream shop will likely not choose a very serious, greyscale look. Use the right tone for the right purpose!

  • Print in large quantities to save money.

If you print large stocks of business cards, you will save money. The more you buy, the less you spend per card.

  • If possible, do a test run first.

The last thing you need is to order a massive bulk of business card, only to find out that there is something wrong with the design, or that your concept doesn’t work as well as you envisioned. Investing in a smaller test run or a sample printing when possible can help you make sure you get what you want.

  • Watch the spelling and the grammar.

Before you green-light the printing process, double check that everything is spelled correctly. Typos give out a bad impression and worse of all; you might end up misspelling important names and contact details, rendering the cards useless.