Ideas for Marketing Your Business With Flyers

Nowadays, there are some many different marketing solutions, particularly online when it comes to the promotion of your product or service. Digital marketing tools like YouTube, Facebook, even your website are definitely useful marketing methods. However, why are flyers in technologically still so effective? Well, marketing flyers are a tried and tested, reliable and efficient way to promote your company, for the two reasons below:

  1. Many customers still prefer having the physicality of a flyer, as they can touch, feel, pin them up or leave them on their desk. Physical flyers give your consumers more of an option when deciding if they want to read them, and when they are ready to read the information (especially if it is a booklet). Often, people (and you may do this yourself) tend to save marketing flyers to be used in the future.
  1. Secondly, promotional marketing flyers are still very useful because they are practical, and it is what can make them a more cost-effective investment. As a company you decide, when and who will receive your flyers, and this method can help you target a specific consumer demographic. Marketing flyers are a way to hyper-target your customers and tailoring the leaflet for these consumers, thus, making it a more efficient way of gaining a higher return on investment.

It is quite well known that business needs a way to get there name out in the world, to generate interest and sales. However, it needs to be said that marketing isn’t just about attracting the attention of new customers, effective marketing is also maintaining the interest of your existing consumers. This is where hyper-marketing comes in to play, and by using flyers in your marketing campaigns, you can send exciting offers, or even news to remind existing customers of your business and retain their interest in your brand. More specifically it will help your customers feel wanted and valued, rather than being viewed as a figure or a sale, it is a more personal marketing approach.

As we have identified that marketing with the flyer is the a traditional, and one of the oldest ways of marketing, but it is still clearly one of the most effective methods to communicate with your customers. So now, let’s look at some ideas of how you can use flyers to market your business.

Four different ideas for marketing flyers

When we think of the term ‘leaflet’ and what it means, the image of a leaflet varies from person to person, because there are so many variations of leaflets. Although, there is one constant, in business marketing your leaflet needs to make a positive impact on the target audience. So, what are the different flyer styles?

  • Single Sheet Flyers – a simple, but an active form of leaflet marketing. Generally, these flyers are printed on A5, as the main intention is to capture the attention of your audience, by keeping the information minimal. Although it’s classed as a single sheet, you can have information on both sides if this is your preference. This style is great for new customers with a specific offer or promotion. Sometimes, less is more, particularly when reaching out to a new demographic.
  • Single fold – these are usually made by folding A4 to turn it into an A5 booklet, it is a great way to give your customers more information, it can be used as a promotion booklet or newsletter. 
  • Concertina Fold – this leaflet will give you six separate areas or panel to use for advertising. It is made by using a zig-zag fold, and it is generally called a “Z” fold.
  • Roll Fold – like the concertina fold above, this particular design has six panels which will fold into the center of the leaflet. Most businesses select the six-panel option, but this leaflet can also fold to make eight panels, depending on your leaflet type. This is ideal if you plan on targeting your existing customers, as you have enough space to advertise upcoming services or products, including a few promotions, and add a mini-newsletter. - The Online Printing Company