5 reasons to use print as a marketing tool

While print media opponents claim print is dead, we claim it is not. In a fast world with everything on fingertips, print still offers benefits that are unique to this very medium.

1. Captures attention A creatively done print message stands out and calls out to the readers. Readers look out for creative and colorful flyers in their mail. They pay more attention to offers on print, especially if they are combined with a redeemable coupon. The fact that it does not require an immediate comment is a welcome respite.

2. Not limited to paper You hear print, do you hear paper too? Because print can be extended to almost every object. A mug with your logo on a client’s desk can increase your brand’s recall. Your brand name on a napkin at an official dinner can impress the attendees. A banner outside the community hall highlighting your offer can reach a higher percentage of your audience.

3. High engagement time Reading a print message is delightful, which means your target audience spends more time with your message. It also take longer to perish than, say, a digital message. And if it printed merchandise like a pens, t-shirts, postcards, it is going to stay there for a long time and keep impacting the audience. If you are looking for your printing solutions, Spotprint has many options for you to choose from.

4. It is exciting A creative message like a printed t-shirt with artwork is exciting. It is touchable. It is a matter of pride to share it with friends. It is enjoyable to discover delights hidden within the folds of a creative print message. The tangibility of print lends a credibility that no other medium enjoys. A print message helps an audience overwhelmed with electronic communication to unplug and savor the moment.

5. Cost effective Print is cost-effective. Often the cost per impression is low enough for the small business to be able to not only market themselves, but also create a mark in their fields. According to a study, printed word can cost as low as £0.0012 per impression. Last of all, a little secret for you. Spotprint can help you achieve all of the above.